[PS] Circuit Mapping & Quantum Compilers (1/2) - Allen Mi

Event time: 
Friday, October 2, 2020 - 4:00pm
Event description: 
yums seminar series

Circuit Mapping & Quantum Compilers (1/2)

Allen Mi






As Moore’s Law nears its end, developing alternative, next-generation computing systems has become increasingly imperative. Quantum computers have emerged as one of the most promising complements to digital electronic computers. However, many challenges remain before scalable, general-purpose quantum computation can be achieved. We will start with a brief introduction to quantum computing, accompanied by an overview from the computer scientist’s perspective. We then highlight the problem of mapping quantum algorithms to concrete architectures. We demonstrate how this process achieves a “compilation” of gate sequences, and showcase a few theoretical and empirical results. Finally, we explore the open problems in circuit mapping and discuss abstractions of quantum algorithms beyond the circuit level.


Please contact Allen at allen.mi@yale.edu if you spot any error. I will deal with any report promptly.

The following errors are corrected in the updated slides:

  1. Page 9: Typo “progress”

  2. Page 17: Definition of the Kronecker product