Overview of the Major

Welcome to the mathematics major at Yale University. Here, you’ll find a wonderfully close-knit department filled with rigorous courses and ample research opportunities. Yale offers two degrees in mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), along with an Intensive major option for both.

To earn a B.A. in Mathematics, you will take at least 10 courses in the Mathematics Department numbered 222 or higher. Among them, you must take MATH 480, the Senior Seminar, as well as cover the Introductory Sequence of calculus and linear algebra. To earn a B.S. in Mathematics, you must fulfill all the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, as well as take at least two advanced courses in the Physical Sciences (Chemistry or Physics).

The Intensive option gives recognition to students who pursue both breadth and depth in their studies; candidates must not only complete courses in (at minimum) Algebra, Real Analysis, and Complex Analysis, but also take at least two graduate courses after completing the undergraduate sequences. This entails taking at least two courses in Algebra between 350 and 399, completing MATH 301, 305, and 310 in Analysis, and taking Abstract Algebra (305) and Set Theory (270). 

Category Courses

Introductory Courses

222 or 225; 250


Real Analysis

300, 301, 305, 320, 325

Complex Analysis

310, 315


350, 360, 373, 380, 381

Statistics & Discrete Math

241, 242, 244, 330

CPSC 365 or 366

Topology & Geometry

360, 430

Seminar & Research

470, 475, 480

Physical Science

PHYS 401, 402, 410, 440, 441, 420, 430

CHEM 328, 332, 333